Café Covers - Vinyl Trim

Café Covers with Color Vinyl Trim

These vinyl menu covers feature heavy duty semi-rigid plastic covers with tightly stitched color vinyl trim and metal corners. Follow three easy steps to find the right size, page view count, style and color you need!


Start by selecting the page size of your menu from the options below. If you need a different size, we can make custom!

Vinyl Trim Cafe Menu Covers makes long-lasting Cafe Menu Covers with color vinyl trim in a variety of sizes and colors to match your decor and theme.

Key features include:

    - 10 GA Rigid Clear Plastic Covers

    - 16 Standard Colors to Choose From

    - Gold, Silver or Black Metal Corners

    - Tex 70 Bonded Matching Color Thread

    - Available in all Standard Pages Sizes

    - Available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 Page Views

About Our GreatMenuCovers™ Products

Heavy duty quality and made in USA, GreatMenuCovers™ brand products are long-lasting menu cover holders featuring rigid plastic covers that provide a solid feel and are easy to wipe clean. For over 35 years our cafe menu covers have been used natiowide in the US and Canada by restaurant groups, privately owned businesses, printshops and graphic designers, hotels, boutique hair salons, resorts, spas and others offering menu selections to their customers.


The materials and bonded thread used to make GreatMenuCovers™ stitched Cafe Menu Covers are heavier gauge than many imported discount brands. The 10 gauge Cafe Menu Covers covers are clear rigid plastic that will keep your menu pages flat and protected during repeated use and handling.  


GreatMenuCovers™ sewn trim Cafe Menu Covers are made with industrial sewing processes that produce tighter thread counts along the edge seams. This combined with strong bonded thread delivers an apparel quality appearance that also holds up in the most demanding environments.


With 16 standard trim colors to choose from, you can explore vibrant colors to provide accent to your dining experience or highlight specific holiday or event menu offerings. Additonal colors can also help you differentiate between your breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar menus to simplify wait staff training and avoid cross-menu sales complicating kitchen operations. 


Or you can rely upon the time-tested traditional black and burgundy cafe menu cover colors to compliment your printed menu pages. 


GreatMenuCovers™ brand cafe covers are available in all standard sizes and page styles. If you need custom sizes or features we can help too!


Call or email today for a sample to compare and see the difference!

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